Photo-talk: The Reality with Kanakodaya Barman


We are happy to invite you in an open photo talk organized by Dhaka University Photographic Society(DUPS) and TMIUniverse. It’s about tips and tricks in photography and experience sharing of Kanakodaya Barman.

It’s totally free for all. But our set’s are limited. Only 50 set’s are available.
To attend the session you have to do a simple registration.

For registration you have to come our DUPS office, and simply write down your name in the guest list. Nothing else…..
Note: Without registration non can able to enter in the session.

Last date of Registration: 10 March 2016
Session date: 12 March 2016
Time 4pm-6pm
Venue: Sirajul Islam Lecture Hall
Ground Floor, History Department
Faculty Of Arts, University of Dhaka

About Kanakodaya Barman
Kanakodaya Barman graduated from UniversitiTenagaNasional, Malaysia with a bachelor’s degree in computer science, majoring in software engineering. He is founder and CEO of TMIUniverse, a company comprised of division in photography services, graphic design, photography post production, software development, web site development and publications. Because of his life passion for photography, Mr. Barman started his first TMIUniverse company as TMIPhotography. In his first year, he participated in National Geography assignments and received recognition, like, Photo-Scripter of the Year in 2013. Kanakodaya continues to follow his passion for camera and digital photography by developing and growing TMIPhotography and accepting assignments such as weddings, event photography and street photography. His latest work includes tours of Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia, where he was invited to host photography workshops in renowned universities. Some of his artistic photography was featured and sold at an art fair in the USA, through an acquired business partner.

Although photographing special life events is his passion, Mr. Barman soon realized that he could provide many other valuable services, many linked to photography. With this in mind, Barman subsequently formed TMIUniverse, a conglomerate of TMIPhotography, TMIUniverse Publications, TMIGD and others. “I dream that one day, I will establish TMIUniverse as an empire, with each service existing as a separate business, under one company,” said Barman, when asked about his vision for his company.”

“My vision is to build this empire of my own, by providing services that impact the lives of others. My work at TMIU allows me to think creatively and develop new products that meet the needs of our fast changing, social media based, and world. An important part of my life, and work, is helping others. A percentage of my earnings, and even some services, will be donated to help those in need.”

TMIUniverse Publications, received major recognition. Barman, along with his editorial team, created and published their first edition of “Understanding Camera & Photography”, featuring articles from five different experts in the photography field. The magazine also contains a “World Atlas”, highlighting one image from only one photographer from each of 22 countries. In future editions, TMIPublications plans to highlights completely new countries. Mr Barman states that he plans to continue publication until every country in the world is represented in the World Atlas. “Understanding Camera & Photography” is a free e-book that has received recognition as a Google Book and has reached over 200000 downloads in just five weeks.

PARTYBlaster, TMIU’s first software development project was recognized by C-Net as music player of the week, and was the most downloaded software of the week, on



with JAAGO

At Malaysia–tour-of-malaysia.html

Official Photography Page

Featured Artist

His software

For more details:
DUPS Office
Ground Floor, TSC
University of Dhaka
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