About DUPS

DUPS (Dhaka University Photographic Society) was established at 29 August, 1999 with a view to encourage the youth society into the art of photography.
Its mission was not to deal with the professionals but to deal with the passionate ones. Since then DUPS is producing artisan and master craftsman.

At first DUPS started its activity with only the students of the University of Dhaka, later on its fame spread widely and now people comes from several parts of Bangladesh to join the photography courses arranged by DUPS.

DUPS has participated as well as arranged many local and international exhibitions and photography contests.

DUPS member have won many prizes in several photography contests. Now DUPS is known one of the desired organization of the University of Dhaka.

Seeing the success of DUPS several other institutions are now trying to form a photography club of their own and they are taking support from DUPS.

DUPS offers a wide variety of events and activities, including lectures, demonstrations, field trips, workshops, competitions and critiques, and social activities.

Membership is comprised of a wide variety of interests, from traditional to digital, with a full range of expertise, from beginners to recognized experts.

Membership in the DUPS is open to Dhaka University students having an interest in photography regardless of skill level. The society offers members an opportunity to learn more about their hobby or craft and to share individual photographic knowledge or experiences with other members.

We are an active society who encourage and train photography, arrange various photographic exhibition and competition, and weekly trips to places that offer us the chance to photograph things of interest.

The organization, which currently has around 50 members, meets every Thursday at TSC.

The society also conducts “members-only” workshops and meetings at DUPS or other places such as- professional studios, and other locations of interest to photographers.

Activities of DUPS:

• Basic Photographic Course
• Weekly Outing
• Weekly Session
• Annual Exhibition
• Intra University Contest and Exhibition
• Arranging and Participate in Seminar
• Workshop for Members
• Photographic Tour