18th Years Celebration of DUPS

DUPS (Dhaka University Photographic Society) was established on 29 August, 1999 with a view to encourage the youth society towards the art of photography. Its mission is not to deal with the professionals but with the passionate ones.
DUPS has started its activity with only the students of the University of Dhaka. The society has participated as well as arranged many local and international exhibitions and photography contests. DUPS members have won many prizes in several photography contests.
The society offers members an opportunity to discover more about hidden talent, craft and to share individual photographic knowledge or experiences with other members.
We encourage and train photographers, arrange various photographic exhibitions, workshops and competitions, and weekly trips and these offer not only the chance to develop photography but also develope social communication.
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42nd Basic Photography Training Program 2017C

Dhaka University Photographic Society aims to connect enthusiastic young generation into the art of photography. One of the regular activities of DUPS is to train interested ones through a proper guideline.

A camera isn’t mandatory here, only one thing is mandatory- One’s Passion. A group of expert trainer coordinate the whole program. After successful completion of the program a trainee will receive a certificate.

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World Photography Day Celebration

World Photography Day originates from the invention of the daguerreotype, a photographic processes developed by Louis Daguerre. On August 19, 1839, the French government announced the invention as a gift free to the world. Since then 19 August has been celebrating as world photography day.

Dhaka University Photographic Society aims to connect enthusiastic young generation into the art of photography. DUPS is going to celebrate World Photography Day 2017 with several activities.

Program schedule:

♦Photography Exhibition: 10:00am to 08:00pm, TSC, University of Dhaka.

♦Artist talk: 03:00pm-05:00pm by Samsul Alam Helal,

Venue: Munir Chowdhury Auditorium, TSC,DU.

♦Certificate Giving Ceremony of 40th and 41st Basic Photography Training Program: 05:00pm-06:00pm, Munir Chowdhury Auditorium, TSC,DU.

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